Limo Service Jackson, MI


Bachelor Party Transportation for Jackson

When it comes to bachelor parties, you are in the right place. The Jackson area has some of the best live music and nightlife for miles around. When you start making your itinerary, there will no shortage of quality places to pick from. A good example is Fenian's Pub which was voted by the Free Press as the top rated place in three categories: Best Bar, Best Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name, and Best Open-Mic Night. Also rated at the top were establishments like The Bulldog, Underground, Ole Tavern on George Street, and Sam's Lounge. And this is just a beginning of great places that will keep your group hopping for your bachelor party.

Coming up with an itinerary will be easy, what you need to figure out is the best way to travel around the Jackson area so that everyone can enjoy themselves and at the same time remain safe and arrive back home in one piece. Because one thing you do not want is for the evening to be completely ruined because someone in your group got into an accident because they had one to many drinks during the night and tried to drive. A bachelor party is meant for one thing, well maybe two. A celebration and some fun. So, you don't want anything negative fowling up your event. By renting a limo bus from Limos Jackson, you will be keeping the whole group together for the entire bachelor party. You don't need to split the group up and carpool. Your professional chauffeur will drive everyone in style and luxury and everyone will be dropped off right next to each venue. That means no fighting night traffic, no searching forever for decent parking and then walking a country mile to your destination, and no need for designated drivers. A limo bus will give you the best of all possible worlds.

Now, if what we have told you already is not enough incentive to book one of our party buses, here is where things get really good. We have installed some features on our vehicles that will absolutely blow your mind. You just can't beat a limo bus that does so much more than only transport you to a location. You won't believe your eyes when your limo bus rolls up to pick up your group and you notice the LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. Then you notice that the there are multiple bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. Feel free to bring your favorite drinks and stock the coolers which you will then be able to avail yourself of the entire night. What kind of bachelor party would it be without some great tunes. Feel free to bring your own because we have installed a premium concert quality sound system with sub-woofers and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. Now here is a perfect marriage, no pun intended. Your limo bus is equipped with a customized hardwood dance floor with a stripper pole. Now, you don't have to feel any pressure to make use of the pole, but we know this is a bachelor party and we know that sometimes some extra entertainment is hired for just such a party so you are all set no matter what you want to do. And if you thought we were finished, think again. One of our very best amenities are the multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. Can you imagine enjoy these kinds of features while exploring the Jackson area venues you listed out for your driver.

Hopefully we have convinced you that a limo bus will give your group and the groom a bachelor party experience like nothing else that exists. You may be wondering, what is the next step? Calling one of our affable customer service agents. They are very well trained and believe in treating you with the utmost respect. They will ask you a few basic questions and your group size, date and time of service, and starting point. Then, they will attempt to fit your situation to the best vehicle. We absolutely will not oversell our product and service. We believe this is very disrespectful to our customers. If you have 15 in your group, we are not going to put you in a limo bus for 30. You will find out booking process to be easy and painless. Try us one time and you will never look back. Let us drive your group around for your special event, your buddy is worth it. Call us today.